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Individually Hand Crafted And Custom Made For Each Car Using Our Pattern That We Produce. Genuine Australian Premium Sheepskin with artificial acrylic skirts and backing complimenting the sheepskin facia. Hand Crafted in Australia using the best sheepskin, cottons and elastic. Front Pair (Driver And Passenger Seats) These Sheepskin Covers are a Combination Sheepskin Cover, this means Genuine Australian Sheepskin on the face of the seat, everywhere you sit, with an artificial acrylic on the sides and back which is done to reduce costs for you. The Sheepskin used in these seat covers are a 25MM Pile Premium Wool, only the highest quality dense wool gets used for these seat covers to ensure longevity, quality and years of comfort. They utilise a genuine hollow sheepskin fibre that is cool in the summer and warm in the winter…. No more cold/hot or sticky seats. They also utilise a 5MM quality cotton foamed lining to protect the original upholstery (leather, velour or vinyl) from any wear marks from the sheepskin, pilling of the leather or wear marks from repeated entering and exiting of the vehicle. They form a protective barrier in essence between the sheepskin and your seat this makes a 30MM Total Comfort. They are fully airbag compatible and have been tested to work with all side airbags. Our seat covers do not actually cover the side airbags and part of the side of the seat as you can see in the pictures to allow the airbags to operate as per normal if they deploy. They also leave the seat back open to maximise use of the original map pocket. If the seat does not have airbags such as some older vehicles, a full backing will be used to cover the rear of the front seat. We also include logo (badges) & side ladder design stitch work to make the seat cover look more like the original seat. If you require vertical straight up and down stitch work as in some of the older vehicles please inform us when ordering, we will happily do this for you. The seat covers are not made of pieces. If you prefer no stitching pattern again please let us know and we will be happy to do this for you. Separate head rest covers are included in every set, so that the head rests are covered and remain fully operational. If the seat has an all in one head rest the seat covers will come matching that design. 10 Different Colours to choose from- please see our photos for colour options. All edges are fully overlocked to leave no loose ends and high quality elasticated straps are used to tie and secure the seat covers into place for a firmer and tighter fit. Once fitted correctly all electric and manual controls for the seat are left exposed and useable and do not interfere with any of them. Heated and cooled seats can still be used and does not affect the sheepskin or the seats. Fitting instructions are included with every set, plus a link to you tube videos to make the installation process whole lot easier for you at home. The seats in the front do not need to be removed to fit our covers as is shown in the videos. 4 weeks manufacturing time

Front Custom Tailor Made Sheepskin Seat Covers

  • Warranty Information:

    3 Year Warranty from date of purchase on Manufacturing Faults, not general wear & tear.

    Return Policy:

    Please refer to our return policy section.

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